The Popcorn Time of anime


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Waifu is a program that lets you stream the latest episodes of the current most popular anime series without having to download them. The way it works is basically just like Popcorn Time, only focused on anime instead of movies and series.

Waifu's interface is simple and easy to understand. Users can search for episodes in several different ways: by latest releases (no matter what series they belong to), by genre, or using the search tool to find the particular series you’re looking for.

It's important to keep in mind that Waifu only has current series. So you won’t be able to stream great anime classics like Evangelion, Dragon Ball, or Cowboy Bebop, but you will find some of the latest Japanese anime series.

Almost all the episodes available on Waifu are in high definition and come with subtitles in different languages (mainly English and Spanish). Users can modify these options when loading the episode or while playing it.

Waifu is an excellent program for true anime fans who want to say up-to-date with all the latest series. Episodes tend load quickly (in a matter of seconds), so you won’t waste any time at all downloading files.
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